Adams Family Updates

Updates-Moving to Online Learning

“What you do says what is most important to you. Action expresses priorities.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Hi Everyone –

The focus of this week has been connection with teachers reaching out to families and students.  The stories, experiences, and perspectives shared by you all have been deeply meaningful and they have helped us shape Distance Learning for All in our community. Next week, teachers will continue to communicate with families and provide supplemental/enrichment opportunities for students. As a reminder, distance learning for elementary schools in Corvallis begins April 13.

Our staff have had several opportunities over the week to connect and meet virtually.  Moving into this new phase of education has been both challenging and exciting. I am constantly grateful for and amazed by the tireless efforts of our staff.  They are eager to reconnect with their students!

Yesterday you received an email from our Superintendent, Ryan Noss, that included information on instructional technology.  Please take a few minutes to read through the information on the district’s webpage through the following link:

And here is a video link to help with logging onto wifi and the filter: Wifi/Filter

By now, we hope that you have been able to pick up your child’s iPad. If you have not, we will get in touch with you next week to make a plan for you to get your child’s iPad.

Thanks for taking care of each other,
Beth Martin