Adams Family Updates-5/29/20

“The challenge these days, is to be somewhere, to belong to some particular place, invest oneself in it, draw strength and courage from it, to dwell in a community.” – Bell Hooks

The sunshine this week brought a much needed rejuvenation of both spirit and energy.  There is a familiarity with the changing season that brings comfort with its predictability.  At the same time, we know that there is a feeling of sadness and uncertainty as we all search for a sense of closure with this school year.  Teachers and staff are working on how we can most meaningfully end this school year in a way that honors the connectedness of our classroom communities.  Celebrations and connections will be the focus of our last two weeks of school and you can expect more details from your child’s teacher soon.

Adams Garden
The Adams garden bottle cap sign is finished!  Thanks to all of you for contributing bottle caps to the project.  There are an estimated 3,000 bottle caps that went into the making of this sign.
This project would never have come to fruition without the artistic talent  of Rachel Kirby and the gathering, sorting and gluing by the Adams Green Team members. Sam Knox also spent a considerable amount of time lending a helping hand.
I hope you will be able to stop by the garden soon to see it, but for now I will just send this pic.


Car Parades to Celebrate CSD High School Graduates

Although graduation ceremonies are not possible for graduating high school seniors this year, the Corvallis School District is working closely with the Corvallis Police Department in facilitating car parades for our high school graduates. The parade will travel at low speeds to facilitate engagement from bystanders along the route as well as ensure safety. The graduation car parades will be held as follows:

College Hill parade, Thursday, June 4, starts at 6:00 pm

Corvallis High School parade, Saturday, June 6, starts at 12:00 noon (Broadcast on KLOO 1340AM)

Crescent Valley High School parade, Saturday, June 6, starts at 4:00 pm (Broadcast on KFIR 720AM)

We encourage family, friends, and our Corvallis community to cheer on these graduates to celebrate their accomplishments.  Each route has several opportunities for well-wishers to safely stand on sidewalks to cheer as the parade passes by.  Please make sure to follow the appropriate state guidelines regarding health safety at the time of the parades, such as staying home if you are sick and maintaining appropriate physical distancing.

Parade routes are posted on the district website

Congratulations graduates!