Adams Parents & Teachers


APT is the parent organization at Adams Elementary School. This organization is comprised of parents of enrolled Adams students and staff currently employed at Adams School. All current parents and Adams Staff members are full voting members.


Leslie Pannebaker, Co-Chair

Mandy Gottlieb, Co-Chair

Rachel Roberts, Treasurer

Michelle Zahn, Damien Bilka, Prue Ruby, Treasury Team

Cami Chatterton, Secretary

Becky Dubrasich, Scrip Coordinator

Tracy Lengwin, Volunteer Coordinator

Rachel Lassiter, Co-Volunteer Coordinator

Tracy Maynard, Room Parent Coordinator


General meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the library. Free childcare is provided.


June 2015 Meeting Minutes


  • To promote mutual understanding between parents and staff
  • To provide good will between the school and the community
  • To provide volunteers for Adams programs and activities
  • To provide extra funds in support of Adams Elementary goals and objectives

Want to get involved?

Come join us at a meeting or volunteer for an event. Whether you have only a few minutes or many hours available, please contact Tracy Lengwin to find a task that meets your level of commitment, time, interest, and effort.

Research shows that when parents are involved in school, their children have:

  • Higher grades
  • Higher test scores
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Better attendance
  • Stronger motivation
  • Better self-esteem
  • Stronger social connections
  • Lower suspension rates
  • Fewer discipline issues

Many hands make light work and we need your help!